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Full-Service Equine Care

Our Services

Full-Service Equine Care


Indoor heated box stall

Includes; stall with paddock or pasture for turn out (large shelter included), hay four times daily, customized feed program (fed once daily), automatic waterers, salt block in stall, occasional handling for vet or farrier, and access to all facility amenities. Daily blanketing by staff is also included, at no additional cost.


Paddock with Shelter

Includes; hay four times daily, automatic waterers, free choice of salt and mineral blocks, occasional handling for vet or farrier, and access to all facility amenities.


Pasture with shelter

Includes; pasture with a maximum of five horses (with large shelters), round bale feeder – with grass seasonally, automatic waterers, free choice of salt and mineral blocks, occasional handling for vet or farrier, and access to all facility amenities.


Day Stall

Made available for clinics


Day Paddock

Made available for clinics

Therapeutic Amenities

Lambda Pro Solariums

We provide two, state-of-the-art, horse infrared solariums at Ironhill, located in our grooming stalls and to be freely used by clients. Solariums can help improve your horse’s performance and condition, by way of heat energy, which penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle and helps stimulate blood circulation. The result is an improvement in muscle elasticity, helping in recovery from, and a reduction in, injury. A pre-exercise warm-up under the solarium relaxes muscles, and improves training performance by increasing blood circulation. Solariums aid in speeding recovery post-exercise, as the stimulated circulation allows the muscles to absorb blood sugars more quickly also speeding up the elimination of waste products from their system.


Equine Treadmill

The Horse Gym 2000 provides variable speed and incline, which allows the workout to mimic over-ground conditioning; significantly improving stamina and building muscle, specifically throughout the back and haunches. With the ability to adjust speed and incline, as well as intensity and duration of a session, conditioning can be customized to suit any horse`s needs, particularly in rehabilitation work.



Trusted by equestrians in all disciplines, to aid in performance, injury prevention and recovery of their equine partners. As Vitafloor invented Equine Vibration Technology, and has heavily studied, researched and verified its effectiveness, specifically for horses, Vitafloor holds the key to proven technology endorsed by veterinarians across the world. All Vitafloor models are user-friendly, and non-invasive, comprised of a thick and ridged vibration platform with a layer of rubber on the top surface. The vibration motors facilitate the vibrating floor to gently vibrate at various frequencies; be it for training, rehabilitation, or maintenance.


Deanna Cullen


Deanna, like most equestrians has had a life- long passion, and fascination, with horses. After pursuing various disciplines over the years, in the early 90’s Deanna’s focus became solely on Dressage. An avid artist at heart, Deanna saw dressage as not just a riding discipline, but indeed a true art form, which marked the beginning of her love for developing horse and rider combinations. Since then, Deanna has been working as a professional, on a full-time basis, with horses and riders of all ages (and differing backgrounds).  She has worked with many top local, and International, coaches and clinicians, and has developed horses through the levels from backing to FEI. Following, are some of the coaches and clinicians which Deanna has had the honour of working with over the years; Paul Belasik, Tom Dvorak, Stephan Clarke, Lorraine Chapel, Hendrik Gabel, Anky Van Grunsven, Sjef Janssen, Gina Smith, Lisa Wilcox, Lenjie Schueller, Shannon Peters, Holger Munstermann, and Cindy Ishoy. Deanna also trained with the following local coaches: Joelly Mann, Sheri Demonceaux, Shelley Malbeuf, and Crystal Kroetch. She has also worked consistently with Cindy Ishoy, and was mentored for a year under the daily tutelage of Bonny Bonnello. Presently, Deanna works regularly with Shannon Dueck, whom is based in Florida, as well as Lee Tubman. One of Deanna’s most notable successes was achieving reserve champion in the CDI at Prix St. George.
In 2006, Deanna started her business, Stepping Stone Equestrian Services Ltd., which operates out of Ironhill. Deanna’s long history with Ironhill started over 17 years ago, with a close friendship and collaboration with Irene Hill. Both Irene and Deanna shared the strong desire to seek out, and offer, learning opportunities for both horse and rider. This vision continues on, as Deanna looks forward to an exciting future for Ironhill, and its partnership with the Balanced Equine Wellness clinic – a team of talented professionals dedicated to both equine and human development, in both sport and overall health and wellness!
Deanna also continues to develop her own young prospects, training horses and a small friendly group of students at Ironhill. She also enjoys working with competitive, and non-competitive, riders alike; and based on availability will take clients or horses for training at Ironhill. She is also willing to travel to teach lessons and clinics, throughout Alberta.


Kirsty Panneton

Dressage & Combined Training

Kirsty originally hails from New Zealand (NZ), and is a Level 3 Coach (International Passport), as well as is NCCP Competition Specialist trained. Predominantly, her focus has been in working with Dressage and Eventing riders, of all levels. However, her specialization lies in producing young horses, both her own and for clients; enjoying success in the FEI Young Horse dressage classes. Having ridden in Dressage to Grand Prix (GP) in NZ, with notable success, some highlights include; winning the FEI World Challenge at Prix St. George (PSG) in 1997, NZ Advanced Champion and Horse of the Year Champion, as well as in 1998, placing 3rd in the NZ Volvo World Cup at Intermediare 1 (I1). Kirsty also rode for NZ in 1998, and was the only combination to be placed in all eight classes contested at PSG, and I1. In 1999, Kirsty and her horse, Just George, placed in the GP Olympic qualifier for NZ. During this time, she also competed very successfully in Eventing at the Preliminary level (including Long format), with many wins, and placings, at the Provincial and National levels. Moving to Canada in 2007, Kirsty established her training and coaching business, Kirsty Panneton – Dressage and Combined Training. Since then, she competed in Eventing for 3 to 4 years (winning Alberta Provincials); however she now predominantly competes in Dressage. Kirsty now enjoys continuing to incorporate jumping as a cross-training tool, with her current focus on producing her next Dressage GP horse. Kirsty works consistently with International coaches, to continue her own education, as well as regularly attends updating seminars for her coaching credentials.


Equine Wellness Clinic

Ironhill is proud to be the home of the holistic veterinary clinic of Dr. Heather Mack, Balanced Equine Wellness. Please visit the website, or Facebook page, below, to learn more about this dynamic, and unique, haven of wellness!